• A Message from the QAC Chamber Chair

  • How will we remember the year 2020? Many will remember it as the year of the Pandemic, COVID 19, wearing mask, social distancing, remotely working, zoom meetings, virtual schooling and, last but not the least, political turmoil. Yes, 2020 was an exhausting year in every aspect. Let us not look at this past year as the glass half empty, I am asking you to look at the glass half full. 2020 was the year to re-think your business model, to be adaptable, to become resilient in your industry. It was the year to do a LOT of self-reflection, get back to basics, spend more quality time with your family, be a good citizen and be kinder to your customers, business associates, family, and friends. Believe it or not, there was a lot of good that came out of this pandemic. Chamber President Linda Friday, Administrative Assistant Tracy Wilson, and 2020 Chair Susan Vianna — you did an incredible job navigating through these challenging times. Because of your determination and hard work, Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce came out a more resilient organization. Entering 30 years as a business owner of Chesapeake Environmental Lab, Inc., along with my business partner and brother Dominic DiGiovine, it is an honor to be part of this incredible business organization and serve as your 2021 Chair. For 40 years the Chamber has been diligently serving the business members and assisting with issues that are pertinent to the business community. They are a plethora of resources from educational opportunities, marketing techniques, fostering immediate business connections to help you navigate the business world, especially during these trying times. I implore you to reach out to the Chamber office when you need resources. And most importantly, if you know of a business owner that is not a Chamber member, have them join this amazing organization. It is the backbone to the success of our business community. 2021 will be an exceptional year for the Chamber and our members. We have been sitting on the sidelines for months and I feel we are on the edge of new beginnings. So, ask yourself, how can I make the most of my Chamber membership and showcase my business — get involved. We are planning on some exciting opportunities for the coming year to give you more networking opportunities and showcase your business. Look for information about our FAMOUS Golf Tournament, Business Expo and Chamber mixers. Please reach out to me or the Chamber office if you have any suggestions or questions, we will be happy to assist. May 2021 be a healthy, safe, and successful year for you, your family, and your business. I leave you with a quote that I feel really resonates the departing of 2020 and entering of 2021. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” —Winston Churchill 



    Eva Stoops, 2021 Chair

    Chesapeake Environmental Lab







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