• President's Message

  • Every year I give thought to what message do I want to get out to the businesses and the communities we serve.  Sometimes it's very difficult, but this year it was simple... WORKFORCE.  This has become a very used, but I believe a sometimes misunderstood, term.  We have jobs.  Some might even say we have LOTS of jobs, but the problem that we, like many other area face, is the lack of skills, attitude, or BOTH to fill those jobs.  We have a great partnership with the public school system in Queen Anne's County and we've taken the lead in working with our educators to help address this need.

    In the near future we will implement a program where we will take our educators out of their comfort zone of the class rooms and put them into the work places.  Our goal is to let them see first-hand, what opportunities our communities offer for future employees, what skills and talents are needed, what salary levels and benefits are available for these new employees.  To that end we will be physically introducing our Counselors, Career and Technology Educators, and Work-base Learning Teachers to various businesses and manufacturers in an effort to help them understand the needs and encourage the development of their future workers, thereby growing our WORKFORCE. 

    This is an exciting time and opportunity for the business community to really have a hand in developing their future employees and leaders!

    On the Chamber side of things, we've launched a new website and, after 10 years, have had a staffing change bringing our newest staff member on board.

    You will see lots of changes in 2018 with our new leadership.  Their goal is to provide new activities and opportunities so it should be a GREAT YEAR!

    I would encourage you to get involved!  If you'd like more information, as always, please feel free to reach out to me.





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