• President's Message

  • The Positives of Progress

    Many times people equate progress to problems, but I prefer to focus on the positives of progress.

    Over the past two decades, there have been groups who have continued to battle proposed changes in Queen Anne’s County.  Whether it was the potential WalMart on Kent Island that ended up being built in Denton, or the proposed ‘ technology park’ at Chesapeake College that never found daylight, opponents continually focused on the negatives of those projects.

    Recently, after almost 20 years of never giving up, the Four Seasons project in Chester is about to break ground.  There are still those that continue to focus on the negatives of the project, but I’d like to share how I see the project benefits.

    There will be approximately  900 homes built over 10 years .  First, what this brings to our county is revenue on the sales of the homes and the property taxes.  People like to complain about property taxes being high, but lack of increased homes and businesses does nothing but require constant increases.  Next, this type of community brings the 55+ resident who will require products and services which in turn means the opportunity for new and increased business.  Finally, this demographic provides increased volunteerism in the community. 

    As I reflect on the positives of this type of progress, I can’t help but find myself hoping for more opportunities like this for our county, our communities, and our businesses. 

    It’s an exciting time in our county and I look forward to many more opportunities that will allow all of us to focus on the positives of progress.  I encourage all businesses to take this opportunity to embrace the opportunities that will be available to you.

    On a ‘Chamber’ note, this past year the Board of Directors decided to move the Chamber forward by investing in you, our member.  We will be launching a new website in 2017 which will provide lots of opportunities for you as a business.  You’ll be able to manage your own account,; have the capability to offer Hot Deals; list job openings; and market your business to the community.  The website will also have a community calendar for the convenience of our community.  If you are involved in a fundraiser or something of importance that benefits our community you will be able to submit your event.     We will also have the opportunity to post pictures of our golf tournament, Excellence in Business, QAC Business & Home Expo and Ribbon Cutting, and any other activity the Chamber is involved in.

    This is just another example of the positives of progress.  I hope you will join us in 2017 as we continue to move forward!


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