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CQI Energy Coop.

Join the Chamber Energy Purchasing Cooperative



War, weather, and worry over the economy continue to change utility prices. The upcoming Presidential campaign will further exacerbate the situation. Now is the time to lock in rates. Waiting could cost you hundreds of dollars! Don’t miss out on price stability, budget control and peace-of-mind.




Join The Chamber Energy Co-Op today!

The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with nationally recognized energy management experts and consultants, CQI Associates, to administer the cooperative. The Chamber Energy Co-Op program provides competitive electric and natural gas rates for your business and your home.

CQI’s 25-plus years of experience provides the best option for stabilizing your utility expenses. There is no better time for members to enroll in the Chamber Energy Purchasing Cooperative Program and gain price stability, budget control and peace-of-mind.


Since 2004 cooperative participants have consistently realized electricity and natural gas rates below both market rates and the weighted annual utility standard offer service rates.

JOIN THE FIGHT! TAKE CONTROL * REGISTER NOW * the current campaign runs from September 4th to September 29th.

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To learn more about the co-op simply click on the short video below.

CQI Associates * Experience, Expertise, Superb Customer Service

If you have any questions or require additional details, please contact Sean Corcoran – or 410-500-9555